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Our Team

Pat Mione, CLU




A true veteran of the financial services industry, Pat Mione brings nearly 40 years of experience to her clients. Throughout her esteemed career, she has helped clients in all walks of life build greater financial security. She founded...

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Yasmin Gutierrez

Office Manager

In both her career and personal life, Yasmin is dedicated to helping others in any way she can. As lead Client Service Specialist at The Apical Meristem Company, she focuses her expertise and empathy on helping clients. In addition to...

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Fabiola Garcia

Account Associate


Fabiola has been in the customer service sector for 8 years and has a kind and passionate outlook in both her career and personal life. As an account associate, she is trained to do a multitude of task and can assist in any way needed....

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Annetta Shelton

Account Executive


Annetta is a licensed healthcare agent who has worked in the health insurance industry over 30 years, the first 18 years with three separate major health insurance companies. She took a two-year break between the 2nd and 3rd insurance...

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