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For Individuals

$185 hourly​



What does this service include?

Investment Portfolio and Risk Analysis$300 flat feeThorough analysis of your current investments; detailed report so you can make sure you're allocated most appropriately given your unique situation.
Retirement Income Projection Analysis$500 flat feeThorough analysis of your assets; designed to answer if you're saving enough, and what you need to do to work toward your future retirement goals.
Retirement Income Analysis$1500 flat feeIf you're already retired or almost there, we'll run this analysis on your current position in order to uncover strategies seeking to preserve your assets and lifestyle for life.
Debt Management Analysis$300 flat feeWe'll analyze all your debt and help put a plan in place to effectively put this debt behind you.
Beneficiary Review$500 flat feeAnalysis of whether or not your current beneficiary designations are in sync with your goals; helps determine if you have your estate in order and provide strategies.
Medicare Part D Analysis$150 fee for first 4 medications, $10 per additional medicationDetermination of the best value Part D plan for you based on your maintenance medications, pharmacy preference, and current plan formularies. Recommended annually.
Medicare Transition Advising$200 hourlyNavigation through the timeline of enrolling in Medicare, education on options including appropriate products, assistance enrolling in MedSupp or Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.